Services We Offer

  • Resume Writing
    Crafted from scratch, “made over”, or updated.
  • Keyword Searches
    Easily 90% of medium to large companies “scan” a resume into computer software. And the only judgment call a computer can make is to look for vital keywords and phrases. We instinctively research those keywords – according to your job targets – and include the pertinent results in your resume. Ultimately, we want to make sure that the scanning process accepts your resume so that it rises to the top of the pile.”
  • Cover Letters
    In the majority of cases, a resume will be considered ONLY if accompanied by a well-written cover letter.
  • LinkedIn Profile Creation
    Here are 6 reasons why you MUST have a LinkedIn profile:
    -94% of hiring managers and recruiters use LinkedIn to discover talent
    -People no longer get jobs the old-fashioned way
    -Your LinkedIn profile helps build trust
    -Your LinkedIn profile is what potential employers will see when they Google your name
    -You can collect testimonials (known on LinkedIn as “recommendations”) from your network and showcase them on your LinkedIn profile
    -You can cultivate a network now that you can access later
  • How to Tap Into the Hidden Job Market
    Some job-seekers think they can use the Internet to secure a job with very little effort. After all, according to folklore, just upload your resume, sit back, and wait for the job offers to roll in. The sobering fact: Only 2% of job-seekers achieve success on the Internet. Benefit from a customized “tap-into-the-hidden-job-market” campaign designed to shorten your out-of-work status.
  • How to Ace the Interview
    The popular misconception exists that the resume alone will land the job. Actually, a resume’s immediate-term purpose is to spark the employer’s interest and subsequently contact you for an interview. Let us show you the way to excel at this critical stage in your job search.
  • Thank-You Letters (included as part of our How to Ace the Interview service)
    Less than 5% of job-seekers will send a thank-you note after the interview. Why should you? Two reasons: (1) It reinforces the favorable impression that you made in the interview and (2) The vast majority of candidates who do so land the job.
  • Recruiter Submission (where applicable)
    Let us forward your resume to select recruiters based on your chosen industry and geographic location.