Members of the Career Professionals of Canada are guided by the standards and ethics of the organization and will:

  1. Uphold an exemplary professional image, remaining aware that our members’ words and actions are a direct reflection of Career Professionals of Canada and our values.
  2. Provide qualified expertise and refrain from practicing in areas in which they are not specifically trained or professionally experienced.
  3. Treat colleagues with the utmost respect, encouraging strong relations, open dialogue, and continuous development among members.
  4. Continuously improve their own competencies by keeping up-to-date with emerging trends, practices, and advances in the Canadian career field.
  5. Refrain from overstating their qualifications or giving inappropriate outcomes (guarantees) when marketing their services.
  6. Commit to the values of respect for human dignity and human rights and refrain from discriminating against clients or prospective clients on racial, religious, gender, sexual orientation or other such grounds.
  7. Honour commitments to clients and deliver the services and products promised, remaining sensitive to individual client needs.
  8. Respect the privacy of clients and take all reasonable and legal measures to ensure that such privacy is maintained both professionally and though the use of technology.
  9. Comply with all legal obligations and not knowingly violate or cause to be violated any legislated act, regulation, or by-law that relates to the delivery of professional services.
  10. Always maintain high standards of personal conduct and will not conduct themselves privately in a way that might jeopardize their ability to function professionally.